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Cigar Train House Blend

A select cigar manufactured by My Father cigars featured at Cigar Train.  Wrapped in a Nigaraguan habano, binded by croillo 98, with filler from Esteli, Jalapa, and Condega.  A true gem!

Limited Cigar Association

Cigar Train is proud to participate in this program that provides retailers with an opportunity to provide their customers  with limited edition and unique cigars.

An offshoot from www.privadacigarclub.com  www.limitedcigars.com brings the Privada products to the retail customers.  

Watch the Cigar Train social media feeds for the announcements of the latest releases coming soon!  Also search out “limited cigar association” on You Tube for their latest announcements and updates!  


Plus 90 Mystery Cigars

A cigar brand gets a 90+ rating on one of their blends and then they kick production into overdrive. If interest dries out or trends shift these manufacturers are left with overstock.  Cigar Train works with a wholesaler who buys up these gems and makes them available to the consumer.  They come un-banded and Cigar Train will never know what the blend or manufacturer is, but you get a 90+  cigar at a price of $7.99 per cigar!

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