Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What kind of humidor should I have?

A. Humidors vary from a simple zip lock bag with a damp paper towel in it to a 10′ tall 5000 count cabinet that is electronically controlled for heat and humidity.  The answer is get what works best for what you need.  This is where a 5 minute conversation with your local cigar shop owner can pin point the best solution for your needs. 

Q. What kind of humidification products should I use?

A. Cigar Train offers both beads and humidification packs in store.  The choice is really a personal preference and based on your humidor.  There are also larger electronic humidification devices for larger humidors.  Come on in and we can help you determine what is best for your cigars and your budget. 

Q. My humidor is new or dried out, what do I do?

A. A good article from on humidor seasoning.

Cutting Your Cigar

 Cigar Aficionado Magazine “How to Cut a Cigar”

Cuban Cigars

Q. Do you sell Cuban cigars?

A. No, it is illegal to sell Cuban cigars within the United States , therefore the are illegal to purchase.  

There are opportunities to bring Cuban cigars into the country when you travel abroad. For the current rules and regulations please see the Customs and Border Patrol website.

 Q. Are Cuban cigars the best?

A. A question or a form or statement of that question that I hear every week.  In a nutshell it’s a matter of opinion.  In my opinion all premium cigar manufacturers have good blends and exceptional blends no matter where they originate. I find outside of a few specific Cuban blends, most non-cuban premium cigars are as good if not better.  Especially with second, third, and in some instances fourth generations of cigar makers in Honduras, the Dominica Republic, and Nicaragua producing the highest quality and creativity in blending than ever before. 

Cigar Shapes, Colors, and Presentation

 A great primer on cigar shapes and colors

Q. There are small areas that are green on my cigar, is that bad?

A.  Most likely it is fine.  In some instances part of the leaf on the cigar did not fully go through the fermentation process. Cigars are a natural process and hade made, so this does happen.  You will probably not even notice in the taste.  If it is extreme, a reputable brick and mortar shop will happily exchange it for you. 

Q.  There is a white powder on my cigar.  What is that?

A. Most likely it is something called plume.  See this article:

Q. There are little bumps on my cigar, what are those?

A.  This is called “tooth.”

Lighting Your Cigar

 Q. How do I light my cigar?  

A. Oh boy, this one has opinions all over the place, I will get an answer soon! 

Cigar Etiquette

Q. How do I put out my cigar?

A. All you need to do is set your cigar down.  Premium cigars are designed to go out all by themselves.  Do not crush it as you would a cigarette as it will continue to burn producing an acrid and bitter smell. 

Q. Can or should I smoke my own cigars in a cigar lounge?

A. Opinions vary, and this is mine.  First look for signage indicating what is permitted or not in the lounge.  If it’s posted, respect the lounge rules.  If not, remember the business owner is providing you a comfortable environment to enjoy cigars which costs money.  So simply, buy something.  If the sell food and/or drinks enjoy a meal or drink with your cigar.  If not, buy some cigars.  Additionally, if someone is serving you or cleaning up after you a tip is warranted. 


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