Limited Cigar Association


Limited Cigar Association (LCA) in partnership with Privada Cigar Club provides retailers with rare and unique cigars each month in limited quantities.  Check here often!

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In July 2020, Privada Cigar Club introduced a new venture called Limited Cigars Association, or LCA, which is the company’s initiative to revive brick and mortar premium cigars shops throughout the United States by sharing limited quantities of popular products on a monthly basis.

We will release certain blends online for purchase as they come available.


Mr. Robot Fumador, ChargerAsh, HVC Hot Chocolate Cake, Champagne Series No. 1, Cookie Monster, Trail Mix, Thai Tea, Murder Hornet, My Blue Heaven, Cigar Clowns The Ron, Southern Draw Lady Killer, Cigabon, Fruit Leather, No Puppets Allowed, From Chico, Xhaxhi Bobi, From Chico, Death Bucket 2, Twin Pines, Naked Booth, WA Acadamia, Grey Wolf, Plato Y Plomo, Ano Viejo, LCA Reserva, WA Fireworks

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